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13 August 2006

mid-August update!

So the Time Warner Cable thing worked out, thanks to this blog! My lawyer forwarded TWC my January 31 post, and they backed down. I only have to pay $95 of the $2000 international long distance charges. Yahoo!

My goal yesterday was for every book in the house to be boxed by bedtime.

Then that was my goal for today. I did one complete side of the library today - about 800 books or so? My back is killing me. Now it's my goal for Tuesday, as I know there's no way I'll be able to accomplish it tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to drive up to Augusta to meet with the USDA vet, so it will be a busy day of running about, not box-packing.

Tuesday it is.

It might be time to start adding Rescue Remedy to the animals' water bowl. And to my water as well! The stress level is rising.

I had a delightful conversation with my aunt in southern Mass. today. We were talking about Hezbollah and Israel and what a mess that whole part of the world is, and what a mess this country is in, too, and then we were talking about what we think will happen next. We decided that if women ran the world, we wouldn't have problems like this. There would probably be more gossip going around about what leader wore what to what summit, and some general cattiness - "Did you see that country's flag? It's so 1776!" -- but other than that, the world would probably be pretty well run and much less violent, except for a couple days a month.

After we got off the phone, it occurred to me that another change would probably be "flag fashion." Each country would constantly be updating its nation's flag every season.

"Did you see Libya's Spring '07 flag? It was just released, and let me tell you, it's to die for!"

The US would have the 50 State Flag Fashion Show during NY's fall fashion week. A top US designer would be nominated each year - kind of like the poet laureate - to moderninze last season's designs for the all the states. There'd be columns about it in the Village Voice. Coin and stamp collecting would go out the window - it would be all about the flags.

Then there'd be an Oprah-style Talk of the Nation program on every afternoon geared towards women. C-SPAN would be cancelled. The new Oprah-host would invite special guests affected by different issues. Mainstream America would become more involved in politics thru this show. Instead of the C-SPAN crawl at the bottom of the screen, there'd be the phone numbers of the involved senators and congresspeople so viewers could text them with their cell phones. Wouldn't that be great?

Enough silly talk. Women don't even get paid as much as men yet, so that's not likely to happen anytime soon.

I'm actually thinking of stepping out for dinner right now. I'm not feeling like cooking, and the kitchen is in a horrible half-packed state. It's not fun to be in there. That's moving, though. Not much to be done about it! The whole apartment is sort of un-fun right now. I'm craving the company of my fellow humans. I don't have many friends in town, and the ones I have haven't been around very much lately. I think my exodus from Maine will go unnoticed by many, but alas -- that's the reason I hate this place, right?


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