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31 August 2006

Farewell Portland!

Last post from Gritty Portland.

We've finished packing up our stuff and either sticking it in storage or shipping it to St. Kitts. We packed up all of our stuff by ourselves without any help whatsoever. All 4000 pounds of it.

We will not shed any tears over leaving this town.

As we've always said, it was not just a place to live; it was a bad place to live.


Blogger JAK said...

Glad you are free of Yankeeland! I've always said I'd never go there to live on purpose, only kicking and screaming. Congrats!

1:17 pm  
Blogger thedeeva said...

Oh no, no, no!
We need to get a few things straight:

1. Yankeeland in a place in New York City. Unless you have been bitten by that rabid bug (and there are a few misfortunates in Portland)you are found in the Bronx.

2. Portland is not Yankeeland.

3. It ain't for everyone.

4. Glad M & R were here, even if kicking or screaming. We met some incredible people! The issue is how to make folks stay?

5. Damn better than living with rednecks in the south.

Portland seems to be stuck in this state of wanting to progress but still decaying. I have enjoyed living in Portland, but then I came from many years in Boston.

Part of the problem is the folks who have that if you build it they will come mentality.

Stuff closes downtown faster than I can close the door on a winter day, but they are building quarter of a million dollar lofts for sale. Must be a hell of a lot of folks who need second homes in downtown Portland. Can someone explain this to me?

Anyway, Beth and I were sorry see you leave, but we are glad to see that you are happy. That's what counts!

6:42 pm  

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