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16 August 2006

All Systems Go

So we got the USDA health certificate from the head vet in Augusta, and then we got the import permissions from the head vet in St. Kitts, and now we just have to load all of our stuff into the UHaul garage and hop on a plane.

There's actually a couple other things we have to take care of, but the big worrisome stuff is done.

R arrives Friday afternoon in Boston, and then she'll take the train/bus up here in time for dinner, and I'm thinking she's going to want sushi or Indian or Thai, so I'm preparing for that. Saturday morning we head down to PA with the dogs and cat to bring Paco to his new abode, and then we'll visit my aunt and uncle in Mass on the way back up to Maine. It should be a fun weekend, except the part about leaving the cat behind. That will be sad!

I'm living on Advil these days b/c of my back, and I know that it's so bad for me, but I have to get this stuff packed up by Friday. It's insane how heavy these books are. My OED alone weighs about 7000lbs!

On today's TO DO list:
  • Drop off online course creation form at SMCC
  • Have tires rotated
  • Schedule auto detailing
  • Get food at grocery store! No food in house!
  • Have new ID tags made for the dogs and Paco
  • Look for a new shower curtain for Carib
  • Look for hair clippers
  • Get cat food and supplies to bring down with cat
  • Photocopy cat records
  • Verify Sept 1 final vet appt for travel health certificate
  • Laundry
  • Mail books to my mother
  • Set up UAF online classes (they start a week from tomorrow!)

    There's more to do, but I'm not even sure I can handle doing all of this.

    Upward and onward, as they say.

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