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06 February 2006

Handsome Seamus

I was asking R about what the dogs look like on the island (there a bunch of loose island dogs). I sent a picture I found on the web of a stray in Trinidad and asked if the Kittitian strays looked the same. She said no, and went in search of another picture.

The next email I got was totally unrelated to island dogs. It was a picture of this champion Borzoi.


R sent it because the dog looks so much like our handsome boy, Seamus, a sled dog (which is a mix of husky for durability, border collie for the homing sense, and Borzoi/Greyhound for speed). Do you see the similarity?

Seamus on Pine Point

Seamus on Pine Point

Seamus on Peaks Island

Seamus on Macworth

Seamus on couch

Seamus is amazing, don't you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seamus is the best!


8:07 pm  

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