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12 February 2006



My temp is down to 99.8 today, but it's been up and over the 100F mark for the last two days. Hopefully my brain didn't get too fried.

Needless to say, I feel lousy, crummy, wretched.

I've got the full blown flu: slightly nauseated, achy, congested, dizzy, feverish with sweats and chills, loss of appetite (moi? then you know I'm really sick), runny noise, hacking cough.

It has been a truly unpleasant last couple of days, and though I would surely benefit from a 3rd day in bed, I need to do a bunch of online grading of stuff I've promised to return.

So I'm off. I'll post more when I'm back to my old self.

By the way, R in St. Kitts has bronchitis, and she's on antibiotics. I don't think I caught this from her over Skype (more likely the virus was passed into me on a student paper), but it's been lovely to have someone to share my aches and pains with over the phone.


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