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20 February 2006

Don't Be a Hater

There have been a slew of articles lately proclaiming that the Blog Days are coming to an end.

The Financial Times decries the obsolescence of blogging , and even Slate, one of my favorite blogs, predicts that the end is nigh.

Then there's William Safire in the NY Times, complaining that bloggers have stolen the language of literati. Excuse me, are you really compaing about words being stolen, Safire? I mean, come on! You write in English, don't you? Where do you think all these words came from? Gifts from abroad?

Anyway, whatever.

I like blogs. I like being on the web. I like reading different stuff that hasn't been cranked through some media conglomerate's idea of what is news.

Sure, I read the NY Times every day, and thanks to RSS feeds, I also read the top stories from the Chicago Tribune, CNN, Reuters, BBC, The Guardian, and Washington Post, among others. However, I also read some less corporate news blogs, likeDaily Kos, Tom Paine, Slate, and Cursor for news, as well as about 20 other blog sites encompassing a variety of subjects such as science, technology, education, and entertainment.

I think that if I had to rely on JUST the NY Times, or just watching my local news affiliate on TV, I'd know a fraction of what's going on today.

I love the Internet. It's democracy in it's purest form (as long as you have computer access, that is).


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