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28 January 2006

St. Kitts Update

green vervet monkey

I can't imagine sitting on my porch and having a male monkey pull back his gums and show me his fangs, but apparently a male monkey did just this to R yesterday, as his female monkey sat in a nearby tree in the yard having some breakfast.

R retreated into the house. Wise move, I say.

green vervet monkey in tree

Still, it's pretty cool that she has monkeys that come eat in her yard (These are not her pics; I found them on Google Image search, where I find most of the pics for this blog).

She keeps talking about little lizards on the porch and how cute they are. I did a Google Image search for St. Kitts and lizard, and found this guy. Yikes. Not so cute, eh? Not so little, either.

St Kitts lizard

Maybe once you get to know them, and once you get to appreciate how they deal with the mosquitoes (R sleeps under mosquito netting, by the way), you don't mind having them around. Can't imagine what Paco or Gamma or Seamus will think, though. Lunch?


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