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30 January 2006

It's snowing again

Mother Nature is going through some severe mood swings, if the weather in Portland is any indication.

We've gone from beautiful spring-like weather in the 50s to no-visibility blizzards to ice pellets to fog, sleet, rain, and snow.

All in a matter of days. It's kind of cool in a way, but my foyer is sure crowded as I have out about 5 different styles of coats and footwear ready to be donned depending on what I see out the window.

I thought it was a global warming thing, but my friends here say it has always been like that, and the constant variation has to do with being on the coast.

I'm not complaining; the variety in conditions is enjoyable. In Fairbanks, there's not much variety. From friends and students I've heart that the -40s and -50s of last week are giving way to the -30s this week, but it's still DAMN COLD! For once I can safely say I'd rather be in Maine, if for no other reason than the weather.


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