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31 January 2006

American Flatbread

Today I heated up some frozen pizza for lunch because on nights that I teach, I sometimes get too flustered to cook.

What I had was American Flatbread, a natural pizza baked ina wood-fired earthen oven. We have one of the company's restaurants here in Portland, and when I want pizza, that's where I go.

Anyway, this was my first time getting one of their frozen pizzas, and I wanted to tell you about the cooking instructions on the box. They give normal ones for using an oven (Coventional Method), but then there is the Neolithic Method:

    Heat a flat rock with a wood or charcoal fire (or light your grill). Push fire, coals, and ash to one side and place flatbread on hot rock (or grill) for 5-8 minutes. Rotate side facing fire several times to heat evenly. Remove from heat, slicke, serve & enjoy.

I used the conventional method, and it was really good.


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