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17 November 2005

St. Kitts

R is in St. Kitts interviewing, and she says it's really beautiful.

Click here to see where she's staying. Do the photo tour and turn green with envy.

If you don't know where St. Kitts is, here's a map.


I wonder how much it would cost to travel to Venezuela. I've always wanted to go there. Brazil, too.

Here's a link to the school.

When I spoke to her last night, she had only been there for a few hours, and she had spent the entire time meeting faculty members and various deans over a dinner at an Indian restaurant in Basseterre, the city. She said that Basseterre reminds her of Nairobi, and she loved living in Nairobi. The school is on a different part of the island.

Her luggage didn't make it to the island - it was still in Puerto Rico, but she was hoping that it would arrive before this morning.

I'll speak to her again tonight and post an update tomorrow.

Agriculture and tourism are the two big industries down there. Agriculture used to lead, but the island is trying to increase the tourism industry with a focus on eco-tourism.

Natural disasters? Can you say hurricane alley? But have no fear - there's a giant mountain to climb in case of a hurricane. Oh, wait! That's a volcanoe. Hopefully there is never a volcanic eruption during a hurricane. That would be bad. Actually, they have only been hit badly by 2 hurricanes in the last 9 years, so those are good odds, I suppose.

IF she gets the job (this is still just an interview), the big trick will be getting me a work permit to live down there. If I can't get one, I don't know what will happen.

More maps:

I think the school is in the to of the southeast peninsula near the Great Salt Pond, but I'm not positive.

I'm a map fanatic, so here's another. Aren't maps so beautiful?

Here are a bunch of pictures nabbed from the web.

This is called Half Moon Bay. I wonder why?

Downtown Basseterre, the big city.

Basseterre at night.

More Basseterre.

This is the Southeast Peninsula. I think the school is located here.

Paradise, anyone?

Ready to go? I am!


Surf's up. Raf says there are lots of sharks, though, so I wouldn't be surfing.



This is an area where many people live. Rents are about $2K a month for a small 2 bedroom. Gulp.

This is the port for the ferry in Nevis, the other island in the country. The ferry between the 2 islands is 45 minutes, or there is a 6 minute flight. From what I have gathered in my research, several people live on one island and commute to the other for work. There are worse commutes, I'm sure.

Another view of the ferry port - though this might be the St. Kitts' side - I'm not sure.

This is Nevis.


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Any clothing optional beaches like in St. Maarten?

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