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10 September 2005

In case you were wondering...

... what it is that teacher's do while students take their exams, I'm going to tell you. Now I can't speak for all teachers, only myself, but I found this amidst some old papers from last spring that I was organizing for the recycling box. It's apparently an Edward Lear-inspired poem I wrote while my students were doing something else. I have no recollection of writing it, and it's really bad, so I figured I'd share it with you. How's that for logic?

Once upon a time
in a wobbily land

Lived a woogy
and a wiggy
and a woggy named Dan.

All three were named Dan
Yes, siree, it's true
All three were named Dan
And all three were blue.

Now blue is a bad color
In a wobbily land
In a wobbily land
where folks walk on their hands

If you walk on your hands
(which also are blue)
You might get stepped on
Because the grass is blue, too.

The grass is blue
and the sky is pink
Alligators fly
And flowers stink.

You can see that I have passed up a positively brilliant career as a poet to teach Freshman comp, can't you?

Anyhow, we were in Vermont last weekend, and I have much to report, so stay tuned.

I also have more to say about Katrina.


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