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15 July 2005

Tom's of Maine


So want to see the world's worst picture of me? Click here! I know. It's horrible. What is up with my hair? I had a ponytail that was falling apart, and my lazy eye (left eye) is VERY obvious. Oh well. The write-up is cute, though.

So my job entails giving four 45-minute tours a day through the factory to various groups. I talk about the history of the company and its products, I walk the visitors through the actual production lines so they can see how we make our products (yesterday it was toothpaste and deoderant and the day before it was toothpaste and mouthwash), and I tell them what makes Tom's of Maine a special company. At the end of the tour, I leave 15 minutes for Q&A and shopping. I give everyone a 1oz tube of toothpaste to thank them for visiting us, and I have t-shirts, toothpaste, tote bags and Nalgene bottles for sale. I didn't make any money yesterday in my "store" because the first group was 13 pre-schoolers (who got to package their own dental floss), the 2nd group didn't buy anything, the 3rd group was all company employees from around the country, and the last group was one company employee with 2 friends, and they had already been to the big outlet store in Kennebunk. I call my store the outlet's outlet.

Here's the thing - I teach 3 hour classes all the time, right? So why does this job exhaust me so much? I only work 6 hours per day (4 hours are tours; the rest is caring for the herb garden where the tour begins, and keeping my store stocked, displays clean, paperwork, etc.). I crawled out of bed at 7:30 today. Where is my endurance?


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