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21 July 2005

Three Cheers for AAA!


When I left the Tom's factory to meet my afternoon tour, I noticed my front right tire was completely flat. Folks were there already, so I didn't have time to call about getting it fixed. Throughout the entire tour, I was badgered by nagging worries about missing my night class.

However, my fears were unfounded because AAA is apparently only unreliable in the dead of winter when one is truly stranded.

I called as soon as the tour ended, and they were there in 30 minutes and had the tire changed in 40 minutes. I was able to leave work on time!

The cause of the flat? AAA said it was a nail, but G, upstairs neighbor (NY transplant artist and soon-to-be papa), proffered the idea that if when at Home Depot earlier that day, one angry patriot might have the nail into the tire in response to my yellow ribbon magnet (made and gifted to me by his soon-to-be birthing wife, E) which reads "Support our Pacificists."

Regardless, I'm glad I paid that $44 in dues in February.


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