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17 June 2005


Ok, the truth.

Nothing much has changed since the last posting, but heck! I miss this blog, so I'm going to do pick it up because I enjoy it.

Glorious summer hit Maine full throttle last week (R already has a little tan), but now it's disappeared again, leaving us with temps in the 50s and oh-so-gloomy skies. And just when we thought we wouldn't need to turn the heat on anymore!

We're having a BBQ on Sunday, and the weather station promises sunshine, but they've been wrong every day this week, so we'll just have to wait and see. Regardless of the skies, we're ready to fire up the grill.

The big news is heavy: we unloaded the 80+ boxes in our UHaul storage garage over the past few weeks. Oh yes. The books are ALL in the apartment. All of them. We've made several trips to Home Depot, buying concrete blocks and 2X10X8s in order to build shelves for everything. The books are all out of their boxes (with the distinct exception of some of R's science texts that she's deliberating parting with), an I'm making one more trip to H.D. today so I can build shelves for all of our non-book stuff. We have several gorgeous vases and other ceramics that DA has given us over the years, R collects Buddha statuettes (although I never realized this until I saw all of them together!), lots and lots of Alaskan native artwork, including a drum, masks, and carvings, and then there's the picture frames. We have several, and they need homes. The apartment is much more crowded than before, but we're saving buku bucks each month not having the UHaul. Why didn't we do this before? Mainly because we've been ready to pick up and leave at any given moment, but things have changed a little, and we feel more comfortable about being here for a little while. Not forever, mind you, but we've made peace with Maine for now.

Much of this is due to our FANTASTIC Bikram yoga studio, you know (not much of a web page - most Portland businesses have lackluster sites - but don't let that fool you. This studio is da bomb). R just hit her one year mark, and I'm on my 15th or 16th month of practicing. My body will probably never be rubberband limber, but this practice is good for so many other things.

That's it for now. I'm going to update all the sidebars today, and real posts will be happening on a regular basis again.


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