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26 June 2005


Old Orchard Beach.JPG

It was hot yesterday, and today's turning out to be more of the same. It was 101F at 5:30 pm. We spent the bulk of the day at the beach trying to keep cool. Even the water was fine for swimming, and this is Maine, people!

I feel bad for the dogs. They are miserable.

We stopped by the much-anticipated Greek Heritage Festival yesterday afternoon, and we were disappointed to say the least.
The ads promised food, crafts, music and dancing, and the reality was a big tent with 30 older Greek people serving up gyros in the ungodly heat, listening to Greek cds. No dancing (of course, it was too hot), no crafts, no excitement. We did go on Day 3, so perhaps we missed the good stuff on Thursday and Friday. I couldn't find a calendar of events anywhere online, so we stopped by after the beach. Across the street, however, a woman had set up shop with a bunch of old books, so we wandered over thinking we'd find some neat Greek books. Everything seemed to be about cats and dogs, though. "Boy, those Greeks love their pets," I commented, and the woman laughed. Apparently, she's from the Ferrel Cat Society, and these were donated books she was selling to raise money for the program. Raf bought Breed of Giants by Joyce Stranger. It's about the Shire horses in England, and sofar, it's not too good, she says. Another $1.50 well spent.

I'm spending today trying to prepare for my Thursday interview at SMCC, but it's almost too hot to think.


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