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01 June 2005


No, I haven't abandoned the blog, but I've been busy trying to find summer work to pay the bills until school starts again in the fall.

The job situation is dismal at best.

A friend told me I'm probably not getting hired anywhere because I'm "overqualified," and a prospective employer doesn't want someone who will always be looking for something better to come along.

I understand that, but I doubt my landlord will, as in "Hey! Can't make rent this month. I'm overqualified, you know."

I don't think that will fly.

Anyway, check back soon. Something has to give, or I'll have to try to sell a kidney on the Internet. I bet you think I'm kidding, don't you? ;)


Anonymous tats said...

hey girls!
saw vlad and nadya today. they say hi. i am working at the pump house, but instead of feeling over qualified i feel pretty dumb: there is a science to being in the service industry that makes me feel like i forgot to take a class at the university on how to be an invisible watress or how successfully pour a glass of water :)

much love to you,

5:47 am  

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