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22 March 2005

What Do Snow White and Maine Have in Common?


The dwarves? Wrong. Guess again! Both Snow White and Mainers are all-around caucasian? Yes, that’s it. Maine has been tied with Vermont for some time now in who is the whitest state. We recently observed a rally downtown where forty people, mostly caucasian, took to the Portland streets and proclaimed “Support Diversity.”

The question begs, is it lip service or true liberal potential? The continued influx of Somalies to the Vacation State has been testing Maine’s liberal waters, and based on the cold and hostile response in past and present news, we regret to say Mainers are struggling really hard to welcome their new immigrants.

As Snow White’s story goes, she was kissed awake from her deep slumber by a dashing prince from abroad, and they did live happily after. So maybe there is hope for Maine and its people. We say make out and make up.


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