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19 March 2005

Hey Raffa! Still Smoking?

Fine tobacco? Oh yes, very fine. And it's not just tobacco, you know. Oh no! It's got loads of other treats in there, including 69 known carcingoens like radioactive isotope Polonium-210 (the stuff atomic bombs are made of)! Yum!

So much of this junk is in Lucky Strikes because America's soil is full of it.

At least smoke cigarettes from Europe. Then you'll just get emphysema, not tumors.


Blogger JAK said...

It's interesting that the heartfelt obituary of Max (who died of cancer) followed the story of our esteemed scientist, Raffa - still smoking. It is traumatic to lose a beloved soul from your life. They may be in a better place, but you simply are alone. Time can only take the edge off the pain.

8:04 pm  

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