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27 March 2005



Today, like every spring, we commemorate the oldest trading relationship. According to bunny lore, chickens drove a real hard bargain during that memorable meeting that took place 2005 years ago in a small town in Jerusalem. Heated trade talks went on for days and several times it looked like there wouldn’t be an agreement after all.

“But they needed us. We had what they wanted. Nothing symbolizes fertility and new life like an egg does” recounts one chicken egg historian. According to a senior Easter rabbit spokesman that’s not what ultimately closed the deal.
“It simply came down to an artistic decision. Colorful hand-painted eggs in a basket or eggplants? We went with the eggs.”


Anonymous Maureen said...

A couple edits!

Comma to separate independent clauses in last sentence of first paragraph (after "went on for days")

At end of quote, you need a comma after "does" and before "recounts."
Put comma inside quote marks.

Comma after "rabbit spokesman."
Also, spokesman is such sexist language! Be inclusive! Spokesperson? Spokesbunny?

Otherwise, nice reporting, Scoop!

9:37 am  

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