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15 March 2005

Ghengis Khan? Barbecue? Mongolia?

So I'm up for about three minutes this morning when Raf springs me with the question,

How would you like to live in Mongolia?

While I'm not typically grumpy in the morning, I don't awake singing campfire songs, either.


"There's a job in Mongolia I'm thinking of applying for."

Being awake for four minutes, I begin to verbally chomp off Raf's head, until she retreated into the kitchen, saying, "What is wrong with you today?"

Nothing. I'm just not going to Mongolia.

But I checked it out on the
CIA Factbook site to make nice.

Here's some Mongolian trivia that you probably need to know:
  • Mongolia is slightly smaller, but not by much, than Alaska.

  • The population of the country is 2,751,314 (July 2k4). That's way more than Alaska's 643,786.

  • Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, is 786,500. That's bigger than Alaska's population.

  • ulaanbaatar

    I have to admit that at this point, things were looking up for me. I loved living in Fairbanks.
    But then I kept reading.

  • Half of Ulaanbaatar's population live in yurts. (Raf thinks this would be great. I disagree)
  • mongolia-fmly

  • Number of AM/FM radio stations? Only 16. Fairbanks had more!

  • Number of Internet hosts? 40. Uh-oh. That's not much.

  • Number of Internet users? 50,000. Gulp. You've got to be kidding!

  • Number of TV Channels? 9. And you know that One Life to Live is not on any of them.

  • Now I'm getting freaked out. I kept looking.

  • Main religion? 50% = Buddhist. 40% = nothing. The remaining 10%? Shamanist, Christian and Muslim. That's a fine mix as far as I'm concerned.

  • Number of internation disputes? None. You should see what the CIA Factoboks has for the US on this one!

  • AIDS prevalence rate? Less than 0.1% That's really low. In 2003, less than 200 people died of AIDS/HIV. In America, it's 06% (that's 14,000 deaths in 2003, versus Mongolia's 200.)

  • Did they sign the Kyoto Protocol? Yes, so they're ahead of the USA in a few ways.

  • Later in the day, after a sad review of our finances, or lack thereof, I must reconsider the potential of Mongolia as a possible place to live.

    mongolia map

    It sure doesn't look like there's much going on, does there?

    And I thought Portland was dull. I guess I could change the name of the blog to Mind Boggling Trivia of Inner Mongolia.
    Can you blog in Mongolia?

    Raf keeps saying how amazing it is there, and she forwarded me to this blog.

    Uh-huh. Notice how no one has posted in over a year? Notice how there are only 2 posts total? Nice try, Raf.
    What else do you have?

    "You saw the Weeping Camel. You saw the movie about the throat singers, Genghis Blues."

    Yes, I did see those films, and that's not a recommendation. They only verify that the dusty lands of Genghis Khan are still, er, dusty.

    And I'd bet that just like chow mein or french fries, the best place to get Mongolian barbecue is right here.

    Woe is me.

    Want to save me from Mongolia? I'm taking donations.


    Blogger invadesoda said...

    Those yurts sure are eco-friendly!

    3:56 pm  
    Anonymous musafir said...

    Know that you don't like Portland. I have never been to Maine. You should feel good about
    your two senators who voted against the oil exploration bill.


    10:20 pm  
    Blogger Jay said...

    There are way too many aaaaa's in that city. You'd get writer's cramp if you moved there.

    Just wanted to visit the people who were kind enough to blogmark me. I hope you will return again, and even leave a comment with a link so I can visit back here more often.

    Whew, Mongolia. And I thought I had it tough!

    12:57 am  
    Blogger hexacontium said...

    I would go if I had the chance. The nature is just beautiful, the people very friendly and living very cheap. Hey, you could buy a 2 room appartment for $10.000 or life of $200 per month - if you prefer to buy expensive good that is. The only downside I see is the long, cold winter.

    A friend of mine moved to mongolia a while ago and has not regretted it yet.

    6:55 am  
    Blogger Toni said...

    What language do they speak in Mongolia? Some sort of Chinese dialect?

    1:36 am  

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