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09 March 2005

The Daily Grit

Ow! My knee is killing me.

Raffa got me this really cool brace that I can wear to yoga, and it's really helping quite a bit. I went to yoga for the first time in what felt like forever, and it was good to be back, so I'm thankful I can participate in this again.

I received an email from someone at the Maine Short Play Festival with the info for my play.
Tickets are now on sale. Cool, huh?

Yesterday's "storm" was yet another media fiasco. It amounted to high winds and very little snow. We awoke to a nice dusting this morning, and if my knee were feeling up to it, I'd go for a short ski in the park before class, but alas.

Tonight's class will be good. I'm going to prep them for this really cool essay due next week where I make them discreetly follow someone around the grocery store and write about it. It's the descriptive essay, and it's really fun for me to grade. I'm psyched. They will moan and groan tonight, to be sure, but next week, they'll be talking non-stop about the sad old man, all alone in the frozen food section, or the rowdy college kids in the liquor aisle on Friday night, planning their soiree.

For grammar, we'll be discussing pronoun-antecedent agreement. Rather dry stuff, but necessary, of course.

I should do an entire grammar blog.

Raf's CV is finished, and is available from the NavBar at the top. THe other links are dead right now until I have time to write some more pages. Do you like this template? It's unexciting but functional, and definitely better looking than what I had before. We eventually want to a real (non-Blogger) site where we can put up all of our pictures.

I keep saying "we," but R hasn't really written anything yet. She says I'm like the weedwhacker, and I discover the new territory and get it ready for her. I prefer the term "pioneer," but "weedwhacker" will do. Regardless, I can't complain: she's been great taking care of me with my bum knee. I feel like a princess.

We watched Coffee & Cigarettes last night. It's a Jim Jarmusch film. I liked part of it and hated part of it. I'll write a review later tonight or tomorrow morning.

I'm going to my first rehearsal of my play tomorrow night. The director is having the cast meet at Margaritas for, well, uh, margaritas, I guess, before the run-throughs. Scathingly brilliant idea, I say. Get actors relaxed!

Ok. Must go and watch One Life to Live before my night class.


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