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25 February 2005

Daily Grit 2/25

Portland is dull. And gritty.

And we're stuck here for a few more months.

I thought I'd borrow the "mind boggling trivia" part of the name of this blog from a dear friend's newsletter out of Alaska. I'm sure she won't mind as long as she gets to remain anonymous, and in fact, she might even think it's a good idea to add more trivia in the world.

Unfortunately, I can't mimic her writing style, but maybe this will get me writing a little bit each day. Even if it's about nothing special.

Originally uploaded by gogoshire.

We just returned from the neon, flashing lights of NYC. It was excellent.
We visited with Hao and Hans and Tatiana and Brite and Trout and Maggie and Dutch, and it was FABULOUS!

Originally uploaded by gogoshire.

Originally uploaded by gogoshire.

We went down to see Christo and Jeanne Claude's Gates of NYC. Check out HansA's picture gallery for pictures. Mr. Potatohead
found true love under the gates. It was a time of high romance for all!

We did lots of cool stuff in NYC when we weren't walking through the park. Sunday night, HansA, Tats, Raffa and I went to the Scotland Yard, a pub down the street from Hao and HansA's Hotel Hoboken, and we saw a great blues harmonicist, Jason Ricci. After he and his band left, an open mic began, and the bartender, Christine, sang, along with her husband and several other regulars. She gave us a free cd.
But now we're back. And bored. Portalnd is not only gritty, but grey. Lousy grey. The sky is grey. The snow is grey. The ocean is grey. Blah. I wear grey on the outside because grey is how I feel on the inside. Ok. That's a lie. I stole that from a song by THE SMITHS I used to like in high school.

Raf says I'm being too dark (too grey?). She's right. I have a knee high pile of Frosh comp papers that need attention. Most all English teachers I know agree -- teaching is great; grading sucks. I am not original in this.


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